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Blood Donation Members

NameBlood Group
Patel Mehul HasmukhbhaiA+
Thakarda Kuldip RamjibhaiA+
Patel Kamlesh PrabhudasA+
Patel Hitesh DineshbhaiA+
Patel Ajay RameshbhaiA+
Patel Dharmik DasharathbhaiA+
Patel Ishant JagadishbhaiA+
Patel Kashyp IshwarbhaiB+
Patel Atul RamjibhaiB+
Patel Dilip NarayanbhaiB+
Patel Satish ShankarbhaiB+
Patel Hitesh BhanubhaiB+
Patel Jaimin ShaileshbhaiB+
Patel Bhavesh RameshbhaiB+
Patel Kalpesh HaribhaiB+
Patel Kuldip BharatbhaiB+
Patel Bhavik BabubhaiB+
Patel Piyush NatvarbhaiB+
Patel Ashvin PrabhudasB+
Patel Raxit BhogibhaiB+
Patel Pal KamleshbhaiB+
Patel Himanshu MukeshbhaiB+
Patel Hitebdra KacharabhaiB+
Patel Dipak DahyabhaiB+
Patel Ashivin AmrutbhaiB+
Patel Dixit KacharabhaiB+
Patel Devendra ArvindbhaiB+
Patel Ishwar BababhaiB+
Patel Atul DineshbhaiB+
Patel Mahesh BabubhaiB+
Patel Amar AshokbhaiB+
Patel Sanket SureshbhaiB+
Patel Jignesh MukeshbhaiO+
Patel Ashvin KantibhaiO+
Patel Rakesh AmrutbhaiO+
Patel Manoj ChandubhaiO+
Patel Premal ArvindbhaiO+
Patel Kuldip KodarbhaiO+
Patel Kevin ManaharbhaiO+
Patel Harsh RameshbhaiO+
Patel Aakin Hasmukh BhaiO+
Patel Sanjay DevchandbhaiO+
Patel Dinesh DahyabhaiO+
Patel Umang VinodbhaiO+
Patel Dhaval RanchodbhaiO-
Pate Darshan PravinbhaiAB+
Patel Pragnesh PopatbhaiAB+
Patel Sahil JayantibhaiAB+
Patel Haresh IshwarbhaiAB+
Patel Naresh KodarbhaiAB+
Patel Rohit NarshibhaiB-

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